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Can Pets Eat ...?

Chewy was looking to increase visibility to its blog through organic search and our private label brands were requesting to have editorial placement in the blog, so I pitched a content series that could drive organic traffic as well as referrals to our pet food brands. 


Drive organic traffic to the blog and promote private label pet food brands.


As an editor and content strategist for the pet nutrition content on the Chewy blog, I performed keyword research including competitor analysis to understand potential opportunities for the blog to rank. I identified an abundance of keywords having to do with "can dogs/cats eat X" that satisfied a few of my requirements: 1) these keywords were high in volume, 2) informative content was being prioritized in SERPs, 3) there was enough keywords to have an ongoing series, and 4) products can be included in the post. 

I pitched the content series to the executive editor. With approval, I planned out 50+ article ideas and crafted a creative brief for stakeholders, including studio teams for creative assets, social media for distribution, and product teams to understand priorities.

After collaborating closely with stakeholders for the first few articles, a process was established that would allow for a seamless replication of this type of content so consistent publication was achievable. 

In 2024, there have been more than 200 Can Pets Eat articles published that account for 10% of the blog's overall traffic and ~50+ transactions monthly. 

Can Pets Eat

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