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Dodo Loveables


The Dodo launched their first collection of plush toys for kids and needed promotional support from their commerce site, DodoWell.


Drive traffic and awareness of The Dodo's new product line. 


I met with the business team to understand product details, scope of work and any content requirements. In this meeting I requested image assets that would be required for the blogs. 


Then, I mapped out relevant keywords to target that had low competition, high search volume and lower funnel user intent to increase the chances of conversion. I examined competitors to assess the likelihood that our content could rank and landed on the best opportunity, which was the keyword "animal toys for kids." I then built out an outline that would best serve the targeted keyword.

Once I landed on a content series to support the product launch, I met with channel leads to develop a distribution strategy for the content series outside of SEO and receive their input the article ideas. Since one article was SEO-focused and one was directly promotional, we decided to post the latter on social media and include it in the weekly newsletter.

I met with a direct report to relay information passed from the business team and explain my strategy for the content series along with deadlines and other relevant info. I created an assignment card in our content management platform and assigned the direct report to the articles.

Once the articles we're posted and distributed on social and email channels, I monitored the results on Google Analytics and semRush and passed the metrics along to the business team. 

SEO content:

Promotional article:

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